Netgear Nighthawk R8000

Netgear nighthawk X6s smart wifi router is one of the Advance and high selling Tri-band wireless smart router. Delivers up to 4000 Mbps speed covers up to 3500 sq ft comes with 4x1g ethernet and 2 USB ports. It covers more than 40 devices comes with some advanced features like dual-core 1.8GHz processor, 6 Amplified antennas and gives you smart Connect features like Amazon Alexa voice controls and many more.
R8000 Router does not only give you better speed and good wireless connectivity but also secures your Internet and your devices connected to it with inbuilt security Feature. Securit supports WPA2 wireless security protocols includes Guest WiFi Network, Firewall, VPN, and more. It is really easy to set up or access using Netgear nighthawk application on cell phone by downloading on your android or ios device.

Netgear Nighthawk X6-R8000 Router Setup:

  1. Make sure your Nighthawk X6 is connected with the modem (cable coming from the modem should be connected in the yellow Internet Port).
  2. Now grab your device like computer, laptop, iPad, Tablet or phone on which you want to follow the procedure for the Netgear Router setup. Make sure it is connected with Router with a wire or wirelessly.
  3. Open a browser, in the top address use the web address or in some cases, you need to use IP
  4. It will open the Netgear Gene setup page, you just need to follow the steps and Netgear Router will set up properly.
  5. In the process first, you need to create an admin password for the router with two security questions you have to answer.
  6. For your Router you can change the Wi-Fi Name (SSID) and the Password (Network Security Key) for your Router.

Note: The admin login password will help you in the future to login into the router if you want to check the attached devices or make any changes with your Router.